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The Sugar Quill's Journal

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19th October 2003

ex_princely8:25pm: Moved!
This Community Has Moved!!!

C'mon Join Us!

16th October 2003

blaise_of_glory9:13am: We wake up in the same rooms, eat at the same table, take instruction from the same professors. But do any of us really know each other, what lies beneath the facades we present to the world? Do we want to know each other, to have our true selves presented raw and bleeding, to view the inner working of our peers? Or is it that we want all the answers but refuse the same questions when asked?

I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying or if it makes sense. I'm just...a little thrown right now. Forgive me.
Current Mood: confused

10th October 2003

smarthermione3:00pm: Goodness, sorry I skipped a day, I've had so much on my mind recently with the N.E.W.Ts and everything.
Ron and Harry - do be gems and sign up for the extra Transfiguration classes, will you? We can go together, that way - I think it's an excellant idea of Professor McGonagall to let us use the classrooms outside of lesson time, and I think all three of us would benefit from polishing our Transfiguration skills. I swear, that pineapple I turned into a table the other day had a distinctly fruity smell to it, and quite frankly, it worried me. It can be something we all do together.
Anyway, I'm going to go and find Ginny now and help her with that homework. And Harry, we need to catch up - we'll speak soon, okay?

Current Mood: busy

8th October 2003

dame_minerva5:20pm: Transfiguration students
Transfiguration Students

My classroom will be open and available evenings and weekends in preparation for N.E.W.Ts, if the classroom is empty please clean up after yourself before you leave.

If there is enough student interest, I will be glad to assist study groups for mixed houses.


p.s. whomever decided that a flaming chicken would be a fun doorstop, I will be watching out for you. The chicken was not amused, even if the flames were seed-scented.
Current Mood: accomplished

7th October 2003

smarthermione12:07pm: Hello again!
Hello again!
Just come in before lessons start to catch up a bit more with everyones entries and so on. You know me, always wanting to keep on top of things :)
Anyway, I was on my rounds last night and I caught five people out of bed. Five! I have a feeling maybe not all the prefects are doing their jobs properly - who was supposed to be patrolling the East Wing last night? Because I found two people down there - Peeves gleefully came and told me about them, probably the only thing that ghost has done for me that deserves thanks. Anyway. I hope all the prefects are remembering that you have to patrol your corridors, it's not an option, so could the person who was meant to be doing it last night kindly make sure they do not skip their duties on other nights?
Hmm. If this gets any worse I may have to alert Dumbledore.
Right, better go, first lesson of the day - Transfiguration - starts in 20 minutes and I need to talk to Professor McGonagall about my last peice of homework - I just can't figure out where I lost those two marks, and it's really beginning to frustrate me.
See you all soon!

Current Mood: content

6th October 2003

ex_princely6:44pm: Pans?

You left so suddenly.

Was it something I said?
smarthermione9:35pm: Hello, everybody!
Sorry I'm a bit late starting this internet project (which I think is a marvellous idea, by the way!) but I've really been throwing myself into my work being our last year at Hogwarts and everything... I figured that this one is going to be the most important, and I really wanted to get a head start.
So, anyway, now I've got a spare couple of hours, I thought I'd join up! We have the internet at home and I love it... it's simply a mine of information. Of course, it doesn't even begin to compare to good old fashioned books but never mind :)If anyone needs any help using it, don't hesitate to ask me!
Anyway. I uploaded a few user pictures as well - just made them out of some photos I had of me lying around and put a bit of text on them :D One of them's of me in the garden that Ron took last summer because he wanted to try out my Muggle camera, remember that Ron?
Anyway - it's good to see a few friendly faces, I'll try and keep up to date with this community as often as I can!
See you all around!


PS. Anyone know how Dumbledore managed to get computers working in Hogwarts without them going haywire? It's been puzzling me for ages!!
Current Mood: happy
sly_ophidian9:41am: I've been thinking about what Ron said about love, some time ago, and have come to my own conclusion. People just like to manipulate and use each other for their own needs and desires. It all seems pointless to get involved.
Current Mood: uncomfortable
pink_slytherin12:10pm: I'm bored. And superior.
It's hard, being me.
There, can that count as an 'update' on this dratted thing?
I'm off to give myself a manicure. Toodles.
Current Mood: bored

5th October 2003

vati_patil2:27pm: Found Hecate, no thanks to a bastard of a Slytherin, who transfigured my precious 'Cat into a...a...BEANBAG WITH A HEAD.

Thanks to everyone else who promised to keep an eye open.

3rd October 2003

connor_wrringtn5:21pm: What kind of kitten gets named after a Greek goddess anyway? The *real* goddess would probably cringe in embarrassment to hear a fluffy, cuddly kitten named after her.
Current Mood: snarky
pink_slytherin3:20pm: Draco, seeing as I never see you around any more I thought the best way to contact you would be via this machine. Pretty pathetic, but anyway.
I need to talk to you. Soon. So if you could book me an appointment in your busy social life schedule I would be much obliged.
Thank you.
Current Mood: annoyed

2nd October 2003

vati_patil8:41pm: Sorry I haven't been around much! Hecate (my cat)'s gone missing, so every spare waking second I'm not in class or doing homework, I'm out looking for her. If you see her, would you do me a favor and catch her? 'Cat's quite fast!

1st October 2003

belladonna_comp5:02pm: Enough is enough
What happened in the Library happened, let it go.
No need to drag it out.
It's not like you guys havn't broken the rules at some point or another...just drop it.
Current Mood: bitchy
potente_potions3:34pm: Grr.
I am NOT available to take questions or appointments for the remainder of the day.

In other words;


30th September 2003

no_spiders3:11pm: Alright, since someone mentioned love, though in a very snide way...

Enlighten me.

What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with them.

I don't get it.

And before someone brings up physical or sexual attraction, you can certainly be attracted to someone you don't even LIKE so that can't be it, can it?

Come to think of it, I don't think 'in love' exists outside a few very special occasions and I couldn't tell you how to identify those either.
Current Mood: relieved
grass_serpent5:33pm: Oh for the love of...
Look. We all know what happened in the library. We all know I was involved. I see no reason for everyone to dance around on tiptoes and giggle like four year olds over the fucking subject. Grow up, perhaps?

Professor Lupin as if you can talk, you bloody mongrel, with all due respect, I would like to state that there is no point pussyfooting around and making vague allusions as to the subject at hand. You know it was me, and you know what happened. Oh yes, terrible shame. If you're going to give me a damn detention, do it already and get it over with. It isn't as if I have anything else to do.

Now if you're all done gossiping, which I suppose you're not; I'm off to terrorize some first years anyway. Feel like giving me detention for that too?
Current Mood: angry
patrick_mccully8:30am: Urgh... In the Library? It smells like moldy old books in there. Boy, sure puts me in the mood. Not.

Eh, I guess whatever gets you there?
Current Mood: amused
blaise_of_glory3:06am: The idea of scandal in the stacks upsets and disgusts me, particularly since a housemate of mine was involved. Tsk, tsk.

Does anyone know exactly where the...incident occured? I say we rope it off until it has been throughly cleaned. Don't want anyone to catch anything, you know.

And also, does anyone have any spare purple foxglove in his or her stores? I want to make a little something special for a rainy day. I'd be happy to pay for it or exchange a service.
Current Mood: aggravated

29th September 2003

puffapod_sprout10:18pm: Oh, Dearie Me!
I missed the Slumber Party in the Great Hall, didn't I? Well,...I'm sure I didn't miss out on a whole lot & I KNOW no one was wondering where I was during the whole event. Ehh...It was most likely a sad excuse for an orgy of some sort, anyway. Honestly!--Is there even ONE student in this bloody place who actually cares to get their homework done?!? I doubt it....Well, I suppose I shouldn't complain, although I still am rather lonely at times. I managed to get most of my grading done as well as watering the plants, so I will say that I didn't waste my time while everyone was having their "fun." I think I'll go wander aimlessly in the hallways until I meet someone romotely interesting to talk to....
moonyremus5:25pm: Attention
To whom it may concern -

Let it be noted that all of you were given dormitories for a reason. They are for your own privacy - a member of the staff will only intrude upon them in a dire emergency.

The library, the classrooms, the great hall, and the entire rest of the school, however, are not private places. Public displays of affection are acceptable. Anything more inappropriate for a school setting will be dealt with seriously and immediately.

I do hope I've made myself clear.

To other staff members - I would encourage more rigorous patrols of the hallways and classrooms when any of you have a bit of free time.

-Professor Lupin
connor_wrringtn7:20pm: far behind
I'm woefully behind in my coursework since arriving late to Hogwarts. If any of my housemates have notes from the beginning of term, I'd appreciate the help...
Current Mood: stressed
vati_patil6:46pm: Has anyone seen Neville about? It's been a while since I talked to him, and I miss him.

I miss you, Nev!
Current Mood: worried
no_spiders4:34am: It is truly amazing how one encounter can change everything

And still change absolutely nothing.

It's also incredibly reassuring.

Life is...

going to be okay.

We're okay.

Yes. I'm sure that made perfect sense. Don't worry. It wasn't supposed to. Just my attempt at being cryptic.
Current Mood: relieved

28th September 2003

pink_slytherin9:05pm: Well, I refused to go to their little "Slumber Party" yesterday, instead choosing to stay in the common room by myself. It's pathetic and stupid and I can't believe so many people from my house went - it's bad enough having LESSONS with those disgusting Gryffindorks and idiotic Hufflepuffs, let alone sleeping in the same room as them. I'm surprised at a lot of people - I'd've expected better. Hmph.
I'm getting bored now. It's been almost a month at school and I just want to go home again. Home, where I can get whatever I want whenever I want instead of waiting for stupid Hogsmeade weekends. Where I can cook decent food instead of the stodgy crap we are forced to consume here... ugh, stew and dumplings this evening - do you know how bad crap like that is for your skin?! Do I WANT to loose the radiating glow I've worked for seventeen years to achieve?! NO! OF COURSE NOT!
I think I might have to go and have a word with the house elves. Bat my eyelashes a bit, that usually gets me where I want to be.
Someone left some music playing in the common room when everyone was at the sleepover thing yesterday and it was... really good. When I discovered it was a Muggle band called 'The Calling' I was less than impressed, but, sigh, one cannot help what pleases one's ears. And the lead singer on the cover was gorgeous.
Speaking of gorgeous, hot, fit, up-for-it lads... where are you?! I'm sure I'd had more action last year than I've seen this year. I'm not impressed. Half the school seems to be gay, and the other half are Gryffindorks and Hufflepuffs... eugh.
Current Mood: superior
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