Professor Pomona Sprout (puffapod_sprout) wrote in sugar_quill,
Professor Pomona Sprout

Oh, Dearie Me!

I missed the Slumber Party in the Great Hall, didn't I? Well,...I'm sure I didn't miss out on a whole lot & I KNOW no one was wondering where I was during the whole event. Ehh...It was most likely a sad excuse for an orgy of some sort, anyway. Honestly!--Is there even ONE student in this bloody place who actually cares to get their homework done?!? I doubt it....Well, I suppose I shouldn't complain, although I still am rather lonely at times. I managed to get most of my grading done as well as watering the plants, so I will say that I didn't waste my time while everyone was having their "fun." I think I'll go wander aimlessly in the hallways until I meet someone romotely interesting to talk to....
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