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sugar_quill's Journal

The Sugar Quill
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Sugar Quill

Welcome to The Sugar Quill!!

A more laid back RPG with fun being the operative word!

Whats This All About?

Well the idea is that it's Harry's 7th and final year at Hogwarts, and someone finally cut him a break! War was waged and won by the Order in Harry's 6th year, so now he really can relax into life for a bit.

But everyone knows life really isn't that easy, so what will he do with himself? How will "A year in the life of an un-hunted Harry Potter" go? Only you can say!

How Will the Game be Played?

Easy! The main forum will be for first person posts, no actions, no rp-ing.
Your character journals will be for third person Rp-ing, sending Howlers, Owls, House Elves, Private entries whatever!

If you want to send an Owl, a Howler, a House Elf or write a Private Entry please use an LJ cut-tag. As well, if you are making an absurdly long post, please use a cut-tag.

Please try and post at LEAST twice a week, and check in frequently to the OOC community sugar_quill_ooc.

Whats the Plot?

Well, there is no plot. Life isn't scripted, is it? And this is the whole idea. We're going to let tis game play out with surprises everyday. No plot, no parts to play, just plain old life as it is!
(Made a bit easier by not having the threat of old Moldie-Shorts looming about).

What About Slash and All That?

ANYthing goes. And I mean anything. Snog whoever you want. Shag anyone. Love anything. It's your call!

I've Never Played Before. Is that Alright?

Sure it is! Newbies are more then welcome as are Veterans to the RPG world.

How Do I Apply?

We only contact those we wish to join the game. All decisions generally take a few days to a week as we want to give all applications a good going through.
Don't take it personally if you do not get a 'call back', and we thank EVERYONE who does take the time to apply.

Send your:

Name: (Fandom name is fine)
AIM: (If you have it)
Desired Character:
CHaracter Sexual Preference:
Smaple First Person and Third Person posts: (Just a paragraph each is more then fine)

To: notte_stella@hotmail.com

Currently (but not permenantly) we are ONLY accepting applications for First string and secondary canon characters. As well we would like to fill positions of those who currently work in or attend Hogwarts before branching outward. We also have as many "Teaching Assistants" as we need at this time. Please check back frequently as this will not go on forever.

IF you are applying for an Original Character, please fill out this form. And note that you'll have a much better chance of playing an OC if they have a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw house affiliation.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Character Name:
Character Year:
Character House:
Character Sexual Preference:
Character Strengths and Weaknesses:

Taken Characters

Cho Chang (on hold)
Belladonna Compton (belladonna_comp)
Euan Abercrombie (aber_crombie)
Luna Lovegood (missluna)
Patrick McCully (patrick_mccully)
Brian Dyer (brian_dyer)
Susan Bones (boneflowers)
Miles Bletchley (100_miles)
Daphne Greengrass (grass_serpent)
Anthony Goldstein (tony_goldstein)
Conner Warrington (conner_wrringtn)
Malcolm Baddock (wicked_lure)
Blaise Zabini (blaise_of_glory)
Millicent Bulstrode (sly_ophidian)
Ron Weasley (no_spiders)
Draco Malfoy (princely)
Harry Potter (ravenhairedhero)
Padma Patil (padmatheraven)
Parvati Patil (vati_patil)
Ginny Weasley (redheadedginny)
Pansy Parkinson (pink_slytherin)
**Neville Longbottom (cowardly_lion)
(Ancient Runes) Maeve Florence (rune_caster)
(CoMC) Roger Davies (captain_davies)
(DADA) Remus Lupin (moonyremus)
(DADA Teaching Assistant) Terrence Higgs (dans_la_nuit)
(Potions)Severus Snape (potente_potions)
(Muggle Studies) Marcus Flint (dolosus_saevio)
(Flying Instructor) Oliver Wood (on_a_broomstick)
(Herbology) Pomona Sprout (puffapod_sprout)
(Ancient Runes Teaching Assistant) Nymphadora Tonks (tonks_order)

**'s denotes active character who is still open to adopt.
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